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Wave Bangle

Wave Bangle

PriceFrom $65.00

Hand crafted Sterling Silver Wire into this flowing wave design

I love making waves, as every beach, every rocky point, every surf spot creates different shapes of waves, and within even that one spot, each wave is uniquely perfect, one of a kind, forever flowing
Lightly hammered and textured to add that ocean reflection shine

please specify size and gauge (thickness) of bracelet when ordering :

Small - 2 1/4 inch diameter - Petite Adult with Small Hands
Medium - 2 1/2 inch diameter - Fits Most
Large - 2 3/4 inch diameter - Plus Sized or Large Boned
X Large - 3 inch diameter


14 gauge is a standard dainty, and lightweight bangle thickness

12 gauge is lightweight, but a bit heavier, more solid piece

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