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Selenite Teardrop Necklace on Sterling Silver

Selenite Teardrop Necklace on Sterling Silver

Hand shaped and polished beautiful Selenite Crystal hanging on a handcrafted bail made of Sterling Silver with A 99.9% Fine Silver heart 

The Selenite pendant is approx. 1.5 inches in length and hangs on an 18 inch sterling silver chain (or any length you like).

The word Selenite comes from the Greek “selenites”, meaning “moon stone” or “moon rock”, with the root word “Selene” meaning “Moon”, as it has a near transparent and colorless crystal that exudes a pearly lustre which glows and can very much resemble the moon. Pure Light, Light, Light!

This powerful crystal cleanses, awakens and re-energizes both our energy and physical bodies.
Selenite promotes serenity, purification, peace, meditation and universal consciousness. Brings clarity of thought and is a stone of truth and integrity, spirituality, psychic development, and positive thoughts. Selenite instills a deep peace and can also increase your telepathic ability. It makes a wonderful protection stone.

I hand shape and polish each stone, as well as each handcrafted bail so they vary ever so slightly in shape and size.
Selenite is a powerful yet delicate stone and can scratch or break easily. Please handle with care.
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